We talk a lot about that all-important first impression. Often, this applies to curb appeal. But what about when a prospective buyer opens the door for the first time? Their impression of the home is influenced by more than what they see.

What they smell can be just as important as they form their opinion.

Home Selling Tip: Make it Smell Great!

A good-smelling home involves more than just keeping it clean. Odors hide in all sorts of places, and while we may be accustomed to what our homes smell like, a buyer may not appreciate scenting evidence of our beloved pet or precious teen.

A thorough deodorizing routine must include closets – where shoe odors lurk – as well as pet beds, couches, and carpets. According to Good Housekeeping, this can be achieved easily and inexpensively. Placing dryer sheets in small spaces such as closets, and sprinkling the carpet, cushions, and pet beds with baking soda and letting it sit for a few minutes before you vacuum can make all the difference.

The kitchen is another hot spot of potential bad smells. Cleaning the garbage disposal and freshening the kitchen trashcan are just as important to combating unpleasant odors. But achieving a better smelling home doesn’t require expensive products. Again, baking soda comes to the rescue here.

Once the offensive scents are banished, a good tip is to add back in pleasant odors. Simmering a pot of fruit and spices fills the home with warm, welcoming scents. Unlit scented candles scattered around will still lend their fragrance. Another whole house trick is to attach a deodorizer made for cars to an air vent.

Achieving a pleasant-smelling home is simple but effective. It neither requires a great deal of effort or expense. And it can’t be overlooked in the quest for a great first impression.