Rental Management Services

At Apple Country, we have one goal…to maximize the rental revenue potential of your property while helping safeguard the value of your long-term investment. We make this happen through a comprehensive and coordinated array of services.

Customize our services to meet your needs.

As step one in our relationship, we like to get to know you, visit your rental property, and understand the goals you have for your investment. This information is all captured in our Property Profile. We then discuss our array of services and tailor a program to fit your exact needs.

Set the right price.

The vacation rental market in our area is very competitive, especially in the peak summer and leaf seasons. After visiting your property, we’ll review the current market and draw on our years of experience in Western North Carolina to recommend a monthly rental rate that both you and your tenants will find attractive.

Get the word out.

Once you’ve chosen us to manage your property, we will actively market your property through a combination of newspaper ads, a posting on our website with an array of attractive photos, professional signage on the property, and our network of contacts in the area.

Screen potential renters and handle all paperwork.

Our detailed application form and renter review process gathers all the information necessary for us to help ensure that potential renters are both financially capable and responsible. When we find an acceptable renter, we will also ensure that all required documents are received and provided in accordance with North Carolina laws.

Manage annual and emergency maintenance.

We believe in and recommend establishing an annual maintenance schedule to keep small issues from turning into large problems. And if your tenant has an issue, they can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will also take the lead when an emergency hits, such as a dishwasher breaking or a fallen tree. Apple Country Realty has been in business for over 30 years, so we have an extensive network of reliable maintenance and repair specialists and general contractors. If any major repairs are needed, we will obtain several bids and obtain your approval before proceeding.

Follow up with current renters.

Of course, we will collect all rents and mail out checks promptly according to the Property Management Agreement. And with our time-proven systems and processes, we will immediately follow up if your tenant’s rent check is late or, if necessary, work with the appropriate parties to pursue legal action if they break the lease.

In addition, we like to periodically check in with all tenants to make sure they’re happy, determine their future plans—to avoid empty months—and check on the status of your property. When a tenant chooses to leave at the end of their lease, we work closely with them to ensure that they understand and comply with the responsibilities listed on our Move Out Checklist.

Communicate regularly.

We provide monthly financial statements that show all income and disbursements for each of your properties. In addition, we will check in to update you on recent developments with the property or tenant. If you’re in the market for additional investment properties, we’re also happy to keep searching for homes that fit your requirements.

Act with integrity.

All of our agents are members of the National and Local Associations of Realtors.  Not every real estate agent is a realtor.  Realtors must take an oath to a strict code of ethics with standards of practice that promote the fair, ethical, and honest treatment of all parties, and are subject to ethics hearings and possible disciplinary action for violations. In short, we take our responsibility to you and our profession very seriously.