Services for Buyers

At Apple Country Realty, we have one goal… To find a special home that fits both your lifestyle and finances, and to accomplish this in as efficient and stress-free a manner as possible. We make this happen through a comprehensive and coordinated array of services. 

Understand what you want…and don’t want.

Once you choose us to represent you, our first step is to listen and learn. What style of home suits you? What turns you off? How big a home do you need? How much land would you like? What are your must haves? Do you have a preferred area or school district? What are your budget constraints?

We then use this information to develop your Personal Profile.

Show you properties that fit.

At Apple Country, we know this market. Now that we know you, we review all available properties and show you ones we think will be the best fit. And we won’t frustrate you by showing you homes outside of your price range.

As we show you homes, we’ll also get your detailed feedback on each one so we can refine your Profile and become even more targeted in our search.

Guide you through the process.

Especially if you’re a first-time home buyer, there’s a lot to learn about the process of buying a home. We’ll take the time to explain everything from getting pre-approved for a mortgage to each and every line item on your closing statement.

We also have an extensive network of professionals you’ll need in this process, including mortage loan officers, home inspectors, title companies, and real estate attorneys.

Confirm asking prices and negotiating.

When you find a home you like, we will research recent sales of similar properties and draw on our years of experience in this market to advise you whether the asking price is fair and reasonable. And, as your agent, our job is to negotiate the best possible price and additional terms, such as fixing items identified in the home inspection and having the seller purchase a home warranty.

Solve problems.

Real estate transactions are never easy, and there will always be problems to solve and hurdles to cross. This is where we draw on our team’s collective experience to keep your purchase moving forward. We understand that buying a home  is a stressful time and do everything possible to make it as easy and flawless for our clients as possible.

Act with integrity.

All of our agents are members of the National and Local Associations of Realtors.  Not every real estate agent is a realtor.  Realtors must take an oath to a strict code of ethics with standards of practice that promote the fair, ethical, and honest treatment of all parties, and are subject to ethics hearings and possible disciplinary action for violations. In short, we take our responsibility to you and our profession very seriously.