Flat Rock

The Village of Flat Rock is built around a tremendous outcrop of granite that is said to have been the site of Cherokee Indian gatherings as well as a site used by early traders. The main rock is mostly flat and large portions remain exposed on the grounds of the Flat Rock Playhouse. Thus the community became known as Flat Rock. The village was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Historic Flat Rock District in 1973.

Flat Rock has largely been preserved as a small, quiet historic village situated in a wooded scenic landscape blending quality residential homes and open spaces. The goals is to continue existing development patterns within the Village to protect the historic landmarks, natural and cultural resources, scenic byways and open spaces and promote the safety and general welfare of the residents.

Flat Rocks strives to be known for friendliness and hospitality, their cultural and historical attractions, safe pedestrian walkways and trails, and as a community that encourages the arts.

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